Dan L Johnson

Profile Updated: November 26, 2017
Residing In: Tombstone, AZ USA
Occupation: Retired from the Tombstone Unified School District
Children: Brock, born 1980.......As of April 8, 2011 Brock was married and I was his Best Man in Hudson, New York. More… Ready Made Family, Chelsea is His Wife's name, Her two Sons Braden Now 13 Yrs, Carson Now 11 Yrs. Brock goes to New York lives there for 6 years and meets Chelsea, found out she was Born in Tucson, Arizona like he was. Funny how things work out. Great Family. I have posted pictures of the Family and Wedding. Now Brock and Chelsea have a Daughter named Dahlia Brooke, Born August 8, 2012.

Bret, born 1983... After Bret Granduated from High School in 2002 He married Autumn and they now have three daughters Hemi, Jaden and Lorelei. They live in Tucson. Autumn went to all the same schools that I did and She is a PVHS Graduate.
Military Service: US Navy April 1, 1969 to January 5, 1973  

I was born in 1950 and you know I look back into my life and remember the days of my childhood and the way I was raised up.........It was good!!! My parents were good and they did very well raising my two Sisters and I. My Sisters are Debra and Edith, of us three I was the oldest. We did have another Sister, she had heart problems and passed away one month before I was born. Mom and Dad struggled some raising us kids and all Dad asked from us kids is that we graduate from high school. All three of us graduated from Palo Verde High School. Neat, huh?

Well about my life, I had the greatest friends a person can have all through my school years. Man in my neighborhood I had a lot of friends and we would play baseball in a vacant lot or at Alamo Park. Going to Corbett Elementary School we had summer programs to go to also. Since 2nd grade I always hung around with Dale Mow a lot because we had a lot in common. We have been buddies all that time and to this day we are still buddies. But if Dale wouldn't like what I wanted to do, well I would go see Jeff Smith and we would we would hang out to read all of his comic books. (Boy if we only knew how much those comics would be worth now!!!) Or I would hang out with Tiny Townsend or with Roger Norton, Mike Murtaugh or Richard Gilman in which he lived down the street from me, or Danny Jo Smith or Danny Scott, Bucky Simonson, Gary Carender, Eddie Argraves, Lynn Morrow, Steve Alcorn, Conrad Lewis, Danny Armour, Charles Qualls, Jay Gerstel, Charles Elder and many more. I didn't have to worry about being bored to death at all. Great neighborhood!!! I sure miss those days.

My first girl friend was Bonnie and this was in my first grade too. She walked me home a lot of times from school. We only lived one block from the school and she lived down the street on 30th on the southwest side on the corner of Sahuaro.......I know, I know, it should have been the other way around, me walk her home instead.........Gads we were only in first grade.....Gee Whiz!!! That was the school year of '56 and '57. You know she moved and I never saw her again until 50 years later, March 2006 in Tombstone, Arizona. Living in the same town and not know it. Crazy, huh?

Well grade school was over and now it was Jr. High. Naylor Jr. High, colors Green and white. We were the Naylor "Spartans". Us guys started in sports and our lives started to change....growing up I guess. This is the time of the English invasion......."The Beatles", "Rolling Stones", "Herman Hermits". Man did things change, we lost President Kennedy, what a down fall for everyone. If I remember right between 8th grade and 9th grade Bill Hudson and Danny Huggins wore a lot of black like the Beatles, pointed shoes, also black coats and we called them the "Hoods". Those two years of Naylor was still good and all was still friends.

Now our time, School year '64 and '65, Freshman year at Palo Verde High School. We all started to grow up and body changes. A lot of stories of lives started during this period but not with this story. My real life started September 7, 1965 on the first day of school in my sophmore year in my Algebra class with Mr. Baldwin as our teacher. In comes the most beautiful girl in my life, Lin Nihof. I made sure I sat behind her in class and I did for the whole year. After so many months of school I finally asked her out on a date and she said yes. My first date ever.....We went to the Rolla-Rama to go roller skating. Of course my Mom drove us there, we were only 15 and not old enough to drive yet. After this I walked her home many times and held her books for her and walking with her too was her friend Gene Rose. I dated Lin one more time and then she moved and went to Catalina the next year and then moved to San Jose, California. Well her and Gene Rose came to the yearbook party and Lin signed my yearbook and wrote down her address in California, from there on we wrote to each other.

After high School I signed up and joined the U.S.Navy in April of '69, infact it was April Fools Day. I went to bootcamp in San Diego then for B school in electronics, didn't do to well there so I was transfered to U.S.N.S.Midway Island for a year in 1970. That summer of '70 I took a 30 day leave, but I went for the first week to see my High School Sweetheart Lin Nihof in San Jose. Lin also went with my Mom, Dad and I to Colorado. I purposed to Lin and she said YES! We were planning to get married after I got out of the Navy and would give her more time in College. After 1970 I was transfered to the USS Coral Sea CVA-43. In '71 I was able to see Lin more often because the ship was docked in San Francisco. Lin and I went to a Prom like dance at her college. Man I felt like I was in Heaven, it was a great night! I felt like I was truly alive.

We had orders to go to Vietnam and before that Lin gave me bad news.....She told me that She had another guy. My life died then. That was the worst pain I ever had. From that time on I never seen or heard from Lin again.

The USS Coral Sea CVA-43 was an Aircraft Carrier and on November 12, 1971 the Ship and Crew went under the Golden Gate Bridge One More Time and Headed for Hawaii, then to Vietnam. At that time our home port was in Subic Bay in the Phillipines. From December '71 to July of '72 we were on the coast of Vietnam. It was exciting on the ship. I took a lot of movies of the whole cruise. I had the Movies Transferred to Two DVD's, 3 1/2 hours of Filming of my time on ship. Just before we left for Nam the ship was in San Diego and I was able to see Rene Rodriguez, he was from a squadron in San Diego, didn't have liberty together but did visit while he was on ship. I also ran into Ted Holcomb, he was assigned to the Coral Sea also. I remember him in grade school and Naylor. Ted and Gary Muehlbauer were close friends then. During the cruise there were many exciting moments, but that can be another story. I got out of the Navy in January of '73.

I went back to work at Globe Supermarket on Broadway, then went to work for Carnation as a route driver.

In 1974 I started to study the Bible. I was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and became an Ordained Minister. At a convention I met Jeanelle Croft in December of '74 thought she was my type of girl, she was nutty as I was and I enjoyed her company. I was seeing her almost every day, purposed to her and she said yes, then we got married in April of '75. From 1975 to 1982 every summer at our Bible Conventions both of us were invlolved with 1 hour Bible Dramas that we put on during the Convention...either as Bible Charactors or doing Props or Make-up. A couple times we were together in the background. I had more charactor parts....at the Covention Center and in 1976 we put the Drama on in Phoenix and then in Tucson and that was the JOSIAH Drama and my charactor part was King Josiah and Jeanelle as my Wife Zebidah. At those times at the Convention Center all lights would be out....just the Stage Lights on until after 1982. During within that time too in November 1980 Brock was born. In December 1983 Bret was born. From 1979 to 1989 I worked at Gates Learjet, went through 5 lay-offs, lost our home... worked for Wal-Mart when they first came into Tucson and then Phar-Mor for two more years and Laid-off in December 1992, all that time living in Tucson till January of '93 and moved to Tombstone. After living in Tombstone for a year my wife left me and went back to Tucson. From that time on my life was just living and bringing up my two Sons with the help of friends and my Mom. I was still alive because of my two Sons was still with me, but still I had that lonely feeling and partially alive.

In June of 2003 I got a computer and started to check websites and one was Classmates. I checked it out and found Lin Nihof. Lin and I connected again and she told me what happened when we broke up, She actually was on Classmates for three years....as long as the Website was online.....She waited for me to get online all that time and now We connected. We wanted to get back together and we talked on the phone and chatted on the computers, my life was alive again. Lin had been fighting cancer, breast cancer. She was clean for 7 years and then in 2004 she got it again. January 22, 2006 she past away. Her daughter called me and told me the bad news....my life again died.

But I know my life is alive as I said before, because from my marriage in 1975 we have two of the greatest Sons, Brock and Bret. When their Mom left me and the guys wanted to stay in Tombstone with me, that kept me alive and had great times with my Sons. Basically I grew-up with my Sons. We got involved in the Bicycle Racing.....first it was Brock and when we went to His first race and that was the El Tour De Tucson.....something I noticed.......it was like a Big Cross Country Meet and many People with different ages.....Young and Older, different Sizes, Short and Tall and they all wore uniforms for the Race.....So all three of us was involved with that.....Brock also ran in some Cross Country Races here in Tombstone and other places....never joined the Cross Country Team for Tombstone High. Bret was involved in the Band playing the Saxaphone and GOOD and was Best in His Class and recieved the the John Philip Sousa Award. I'm Very Much Proud of Both of My Sons, Brock and Bret.

You know I think about how life has been for the past 46 some years, I have seen a lot and done a lot, many different jobs..I have been a bagger for a grocery store, Milkman for Carnation, sales merchandiser for Associated Grocers which don't exist anymore, Leadman at Gates Learjet for 10 years with 5 lay-offs, 6 months Driving School Buses at TUSD #1 in Tucson, sales at Wal-Mart, went to Phar-Mor when they moved into Tucson and I was Department Manager for the Home & Office...after two years it went out of business and layed off again...6 times now, then moved to Tombstone. Then in Tombstone met a neighbor that was on movie sets and he was able to get me on the Movie Sets as Backgroud positions and those Movies were: "TOMBSTONE", TNT "GERONIMO", "LIGHTNING JACK", Showtime "ROSWELL", Showtime "RUBY JEAN AND JOE" and the TV Series on UPN "LEGEND", the Pilot Movie and 8 episodes, One More as a Production Assistant with a CBS Movie Shot here in Tombstone Called "Wyatt Earp Returns To Tombstone".....This was With Hugh O'Brian from the TV Series in the 50's "Wyatt Earp".....The Real Wyatt Earp Never Came Back to Tombstone. Then I started to Drive School Buses for TUSD #1 in Tombstone for 16 years and also working Grounds and Maintenance at Walter J. Meyer Elementary School for 18 years and now RETIERED as of April 26, 2013. WOW!!! What a Life!!!

I think about it more........Besides My Son's Brock and Bret keeping me alive, even though I have had My ups and downs and Shortcomings, trying to Live by the Bible and Following what My Heavenly Father Jehovah God and His Son Jesus tells US in the Scriptures........."You Obey My Commands....I will Always Be With You". 40 some Years I have Leaned on Jehovah God. I'm Not Rich as of Income......but being Retired and working to extend My Ministry and other Productive things.....I think I've done alright.

In June of 2013 I spent 3 weeks with My Son Brock on Long Island, New York and was able to get to know my Daughter-in-Law and Her Sons and my New Granddaughter Dahlia. A lot of Pictures being taken and Video. I had a great time.....I plan on every year in the Summer to Fly to New York and visit Brock and His Family. I Posted some Pictures of my visit.

And Now as of July 2014 I spent 4 Weeks with My Son Brock and His Family....Now My Granddaughter Dahlia Knows My Name....Poppa Dan. I have Again a lot of Pictures and Video. Still Great Times. I will be Posting some Pictures soon.

School Story:

I remember in my Junior year during Cross Country at a meet in Douglas. Coming back to Tucson and I think it was after we stopped at the Copper Queen to eat, it was dark and we headed home. We had two station wagons and I was in the first one and Mr. Evans was driving. We were all talking and everything, then all of a sudden we saw in the road a SKUNK and we hit it, boy did it stink....but the second station wagon really got it....OH MAN!!! did it stink.

So there you are...."A DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD"......

Then years later a song came out about that skunk. Who wrote the song and who sang it? I'll find out and edit this.

Well I found the answer....as of Janurary 11,2012 Robert Pierson mentioned for me to get on Wikipedia.org to find out and I did.....then on September 17,2012 Rich Prince a Friend looking for Gene Rose and still haven't found her....gave me the name of the Singer.........All together with both helping me out on this.......this is it: Song is "DEAD SKUNK", Released in November of 1972......the Song is by Loudon WainwrightIII from the AlbumIII "Needless To Say". Label Columbia. Writer: Loudon WainwrightIII, Producer: Thomas Jefferson Kaye.......Thanks for the information Robert and Rich!!!..........Now it's for me to go out and get it!!!

Hey does anyone remember in our Freshman year on one Friday we had a Cross Country meet and a Football game that night, all was against Tucson High and we beat them on everything other than Freshman Cross Country? After the Football Game at Tucson High, there were alot of us somehow didn't get our rides home until later after the game and alot of us were getting jumped in the dark streets near the high school. That following Monday everybody was talking about Friday night at Tucson High. I know that was the last time to see a game at Tucson High.

I remember another event some of us guys did and I can't remember who all of us was. One was Bucky Simonson and a bunch of us packed into a VW Bug. I can swear there was at least 12 in the car. I don't know who drove the Bug but I know we left from Bucky's house and drove to the Sunset Rollerama on Swan and 22nd. It might have been more than 12.....I mean we were packed in tight. I was in the back seat and this was a two door Bug!!! What year or time of year it was, I don't remember, maybe some of you might remember. Let me know.

From my Freshman to my Junior year there were two of us Dan Johnson's, the other Dan graduated in 1967. Some how I was always getting sent to the principal's office and finding out that I was the wrong Dan. He wasn't in trouble but I was the first one they went to with the notice. Well I always wonder after we graduated where Dan was and how he was doing. July of 2009 I had someone visit on my profile on Classmates. I checked on this person to see who it was and it was Dan's Sister Kelly, so I checked her profile out and she had mentioned about her two Brothers and one was Dan. They both passed away from heart attacks. I sent an e-mail to Kelly and asked about Dan, she told me that on March 15, 1997 on a cold brittle morning he went jogging. As he was jogging he had his one and only heart attack.....that was his last day. I had to share that because I knew that a lot of you knew him too. He will be missed.

I was looking at our list of Classmates and saw a lot more names of ones I grew up with in our old neighborhood and more are of the Guy's, Jeff Lovin, Todd Robinson, Bruce Nelson, Bob Valenzuela, Danny Huggins,Bill Hudson, and I know there are more. This is mostly from my younger days at Corbett Elementary and Naylor Jr. High. Now the Gal's, Dana Armour, Marla Baird, Cindy Bowyer, Karen Boyd, Ethel Foxtein, Janet Groh, Nanci Hartman, Sue Hinterman, Sandee Hounshell, Sharon Jeffery, Debi Johnson, Christina Kelch, Linda Mills, Elain Mize, Cathy Nelson, Bonnie Norton, Bev Payne, Elizabeth Reyna, Gail Sanders, Ruelene Shaver, Esther Silvain, Gail Steffe, Marla Tatum, Debbie Tipton, Sandy Wiley, ..........I'm cheating, adding this on the School Story,......hey it's still a school story!!!

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Posted: Nov 26, 2017 at 9:16 PM
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Hey Guys, it's our Freshman Cross Country team 1964. Back Row: Jim Lang, Gary Hammond, Dan Johnson, Rick Franz, Stewart Stock, Ron Hull, Walt Horton and Coach Evans. Front Row: John Phillips, Danny Wong, Bill Victor, Scott McKinney, Randy Hershman.
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Freshman Track Team 1965. Check to see if your in the picture. Coaches: Mr. Corder and Mr. Hatcher.
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Nov.12, 1965 JV Cross Country with Pueblo and Salpoint at PV. Look at Mr. Evans as the Starter.
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Dale Mow, Dan Johnson, Bob Benefiel, Kevin Mulligan, Mike Harper, Doug Born, Tom Nelson JV Cross Country 1965
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Me as "Charlie Titan" in my Senior Year.
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
"Charlie Titan"
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Rodeo Parade November 1967, Me as "Charlie Titan" Leading the Cheerleaders.
Posted: Mar 08, 2014 at 12:00 AM
In the U.S.Navy April 1969 to January 1973.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Stationed on the USNS Midway Island on the South Side Beach December 28, 1969