Ed Nordquist

Profile Updated: November 4, 2019
Residing In: Novelty, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Sheila (aka Sid)
Occupation: Industrial Sales
Children: Keith-40, grandson Sam 12

Brian-38, married to Sarah, grandson Jack 5, grandson Andrew 4 months
Yes! Attending Reunion

I came to Ohio in 1971,after leaving the Naval Academy (mutual disaffection). My Navy roomate was from Cleveland and I needed some independence. I have never learned to appreciate the winters, but the green of the spring and summers is delightful.

I travelled to India for four months with a group of other Americans in 1974, studying yoga and meditation. While there I trekked 3 days into the Himalayas to a shrine 5 miles from the Chinese border. Later I stayed in Southern India by myself with an Indian friend that I met there. He has become a lifelong friend. This was without doubt the most life changing experience I have had. I loved India and wonder if I will ever travel there again.

I tried to leave here many times, always had something short circuit the plans. My last attempt was thwarted by meeting Sheila, dating for four years and then getting married. We've been together for 34 years. Sheila had two sons when we got married so I had to learn husbanding and parenting all at once. I had a long learning curve for both of those roles. All is well.

I have never had the strongest career path, sort of happening into different jobs. The current sales job has also been my longest tenure. I have been working and growing in the water treatment field since 1992. Gratefully I am still fascinated by it.

Regardless of the fact that I am firmly ensconced in Ohio, I never feel like I am from here. I'm a westerner at heart.

Having helped Suzi work on the reunion for most of the last year, I am amazed but not surprised at the response our 40th has gotten. I continue to believe that there was something about our class, the times, and our country whose confluence produced our deep connections.

I am happy and grateful that I have maintained many friendships over the years. Mike Orozco, Bob Suarez, and Steve Hazen have been constant friends. Since our 20th I have re-developed my friendship with Elizabeth Upham and most recently revitalized friendships with Suzi Davis and Anne Colville. I am excited to energize a few more!!

School Story:

Senior year was full of possible turning points and growth opportunities, all over ridden by the drive to go to USNA. I should have listened to myself.

I treasure the friendships and freedom of that time. For much of my life I believed that the time right before graduation was the best time of my life. The juxtaposition of those months with the environment at Navy was harsh to say the least.

Great memories of Advisory Committee work, class spirit contests.

Driving my car - I realized that I said the same thing in the 20th reunion booklet. Driving fast out Spanish Trail. Well yes, that was fun. A less fun tale was trying to fit too many guys in the car for rides home. If I remember correctly, I had both Mark and Clark, Jerry Stump, and Bob Suarez in the car with me. I was parked by one of the big concrete blocks by the stairs in the parking lot. I thought we were all in and ready to go. I backed up and pushed the passenger door all the way up to the front fender. It was never the same again.

Other seminal moments - being aware of the TET offensive, seeing the Graduate 3 times, where I was when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were killed, seeing the Doors from right in front of the stage at Hi Corbett Field.

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