In Memory

Phillip San Angelo

Date Deceased: October 25,2005
Age at Death:
Cause of Death:
Classmate City: Tucson
Classmate State: AZ

If anyone has more detailed information, please share it.

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Bill Hudson

To adequately sum up Phillip, you could simply say he could be SCARY at times! You knew you didn’t want to buck-up and bump heads with Phillip, so people usually smiled a lot when in his presence! But that worked out fine for Phillip, because he was always smiling right back at you.

I first met Phillip in our Freshman English class. Some time during the spring of that year ('64), the uppity-ups announced that the school would be observing Bermuda-Shorts Day the following week.

Unfortunately, and most pleased, at the time, I didn’t own a pair of Bermuda shorts or any other kind of shorts for that matter. So, it went without saying; I wasn’t going to show my skinny ass legs to anyone other than my mother, just maybe. NOT!

Danny Huggins (PV ’68) and I showed up that day having forgotten all about Bermuda-Shorts Day. We were just outside of the class room, when we looked down the hall to see Phillip (who had stopped at the red metal and glass doors sectioning off the hall way) looking BUG eyed at us for some reason???

Danny and I went up to greet Phillip, when all of sudden, he started to act like he had stolen something and was attempting to figure out where to run without getting caught.

As soon as we threw open the metal doors, there they were! Two, big ole’ hairy masses of legs with knobby knees peaking out from the short’s hems.

I mean, they were so utterly ugly that they were awesome, in a way, I suppose. ...Phillip immediately dipped down attempting to, and only praying that he could somehow make those shorts grow at least another 12 inches in length before he had to actually speak for himself.

In my circles, back in our Freshman year, we didn’t wear shorts! PERIOD!!! And here was Phillip, knowing full well that he had crossed the line! His eyes couldn’t have gotten bigger, but they did! Somehow? Then, a sheepish grin came across his face and we knew that although, he couldn’t stop us from pointing and laughing at his hairy stumps, that this was as far as we could go with it!

To do otherwise, one might just end up on the wrong side of Phillip. A place, I venture to say, few ever wanted to push a situation, involving Phillip, to materialize. Yet, I personally, never saw Phillip hurt a fly, but that didn’t mean you would want to buzz by him too many times, challenging him to swat you like some flying pest.

I know Phillip’s family loved him and I’m truly sorry for their loss.

Bill Hudson ’68

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